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Energy Bracelets | Geo Central 🔮

Give your soul a secret style upgrade with the Energy Bracelets from Geo Central. If you’re looking for a unique way to boost your mood and feel connected to your inner energies, then these beaded bracelets are the must-have accessory for you! Our Energy Bracelets feature carefully chosen, genuine crystal beads in stunning washes of color ranging from vibrant blues to Earthy greens, giving you the perfect accessory for everyday wear. So why just settle for something cute when you can wear bracelets that are both beautiful and have beneficial properties at the same time? Give your style an energy infusion with our new Energy Bracelets from Geo Central! Remember, every bead is cleansed and blessed with love so your journey will only be filled with positive vibes 🌛🌞🌜

Guidance + Strength : Clear Quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy
Black obsidian: guides decision making + offers protection
Zebra jasper: grounds unsettled energy + provides physical/emotional support
Gray lace agate: brings courage to walk in light/shadow + radiates grace

Peace + Abundance: Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy. Chevron amethyst: mystical connection + heightened awareness. Amethyst: brings peace + blessings. Purple fluorite: gently opens + clears chakras

Ground + Protect: Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy. Kambala jasper: connection to Earth energy + physical alignment. Moss agate: enhances personal power + offers stability. Green spot jasper: brings protection + emotional strength

Balance + Reflect: Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy. Lapis lazuli: heightens self-awareness + connection to the stars. Blue apatite: encourages nourishing choices + positive resolutions. Amazonite: reveals truth alignment + divine inspiration

Love + Clarity: Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy. Red tiger eye: stimulates action + clearing of old patterns. Red jasper: promotes health + awareness of inner magic. Chinese rhodonite: letting go of the past + gentle heart healing. 

Includes: 1 bracelet. Due to the natural formation of each piece, there will be a range in color, size, and shape. Circumference: 7”- 7.5″
– Elastic band fits most adult wrist sizes