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Energy Bracelets by Geo Central

Heal your Soul with our new Energy Bead Bracelets by Geo Central 

Wear a wash of color with intention! This unique bracelet highlights both the vibrant beauty and beneficial energetic properties of carefully selected genuine crystal beads

Guidance + Strength : Clear Quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy
Black obsidian: guides decision making + offers protection
Zebra jasper: grounds unsettled energy + provides physical/emotional support
Gray lace agate: brings courage to walk in light/shadow + radiates grace

Peace + Abundance: Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy. Chevron amethyst: mystical connection + heightened awareness. Amethyst: brings peace + blessings. Purple fluorite: gently opens + clears chakras

Ground + Protect: Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy. Kambala jasper: connection to Earth energy + physical alignment. Moss agate: enhances personal power + offers stability. Green spot jasper: brings protection + emotional strength

Balance + Reflect: Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy. Lapis lazuli: heightens self-awareness + connection to the stars. Blue apatite: encourages nourishing choices + positive resolutions. Amazonite: reveals truth alignment + divine inspiration

Love + Clarity: Clear quartz: amplifies + directs flow of energy. Red tiger eye: stimulates action + clearing of old patterns. Red jasper: promotes health + awareness of inner magic. Chinese rhodonite: letting go of the past + gentle heart healing. 


All of our crystals are cleansed and blessed with positive vibes to rid negative energy 🌛🌞🌜

Includes: 1 bracelet. Due to the natural formation of each piece, there will be a range in color, size, and shape. Circumference: 7”- 7.5″
– Elastic band fits most adult wrist sizes