Naughty or Nice Elf

Exclusive Naught or Nice Elf with a different outfit than the norm. Each elf will come with a certified letter from Santa for a boy or girl elf. 

 The Boys:

Pippin is dressed in green and loves long walks in the park, anything nature related, an he loves crystals. 

Wade is dressed in camo, he loves hiding, playing with the reindeer and eating candy.

The girls: 

Charli is dressed in cheetah, she’s the diva of all elves, loves jewelry and makeup.

Evie is dressed in purple, she loves hanging out and reading books. 

Annabel is dressed in pink, she loves to shop and put syrup on all foods. 

This little elf will come & stay, to watch you while you sleep and play! Then, at night, to the North Pole he'll go to visit Santa in the snow!

He'll tell Santa if you're naughty or nice, before you act up, you'd better think twice!

And every night, while you're asleep, he'll do something silly without making a peep. Wakeup, go find him, and see what he's done.

Between now and Christmas, you'll have lots of fun!


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