Cucumber Hydrosol

Cucumber Hydrosol 

SPLASH! The most refreshing addition to your summer beach bag is here!


Hydrosols, which include "flower waters," are created by distilling fresh leaves, fruits and flowers. They provide a nourishing and refreshing boost when sprayed on the face and body. They help balance, calm and restore the skin by increasing blood flow and controlling water retention. Half of the experience of hydrosols is that they FEEL and SMELL amazing! Hydrosols are also good for after-sun exposure, soothing sunburns and reducing puffiness and swelling. 


Cucumber Hydrosol works to hydrate, tone and tighten pores, leaving your skin with a bright, refreshed look and feel. 


Directions: Spray until skin is coated and feels refreshed.


Ingredients: Cucumber Hydrosol

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