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The Crystal Bible 2021

Take a journey to the stars and find your way to crystal healing! With The Crystal Bible 2, you can finally start to master the art of spiritual connection with crystals. This comprehensive guide makes it easy to understand how each individual crystal is designed to help enhance and strengthen your own inner power. Whether you're seeking better health and wellbeing, or exploring mindfulness methods and protection rituals - The Crystal Bible 2 has all the essential information you need to begin your very own healing crystal practice!

Featuring detailed overviews of over 200 crystals, including charts on their powers and properties, as well as inspiring ideas on how to use them, this handy guide book offers plenty of accessible possibilities for attaining harmonious balance between mind, body and soul. Even if you don't consider yourself an expert in their main ways of application, rest assured - understanding your favorite stones was never made easier! So why not give it a try? After all, when working with these majestic sparkles from space, magical things will certainly happen!

- The origin of crystals

- The healing properties of crystals

- Crystals from A-Z

- How to chose your crystals

- Chakras and auras

- How to create a crystal grid

- How to protect yourself with crystals

- How to cleanse your crystals

- How to set intentions

- And much, much more!

Ready to unlock your connection with the vast expanse of the universe? Dive in, cosmic warrior, and let's get started.