Color Changing Cups

The Pretty Hot Mess Reusable Color-Changing Cups

Cold beverages just got cooler!! Our new custom color-changing reusable cups change color when filled with iced cold drinks. Needless to say, these Pretty Hot Mess cups are going to make your summer more colorful and exciting. These reusable color-changing cups are absolute must-haves for the summer. But you’ve got to hurry because they are quickly selling out.

** Dishwasher safe


Not only are these cups color-changing and awesome but these could also change our lives. These eco-friendly cups are made from recyclable plastic. This means that you can reuse it multiple times.This can significantly reduce the amount of plastic wastes and your kids will LOVE them!!
Each cup features a custom The Pretty Hot Mess vinyl sticker, comes with contrasting lid and straw. Lid and straw may vary from photos
The Pretty Hot Mess cups come in 5 different colors – apricot, arctic, citron, rose, and sky. When you pour in cold liquid watch the magic happen.
Apricot (Orange)
Arctic (Grey)
Rose (Pink)
Sky (Blue)
Citron (Yellow)