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Caribbean Calcite Palm Stone

Caribbean Calcite

Made up of Blue Calcite, Brown & White Aragonite,. This crystal is known to help activate your mind. Opening you up to channel your own abilities. Giving you access to your unique skills. Possibly allowing you to enhance telepathy. And even to astral travel. Blue Calcite allows you to elevate your consciousness and experience things in a much stronger way. Helping you to become more clairvoyant. Harness the power to strengthen your inner vision. Access your true psychic abilities. Acting as a stabilizing stone, Brown Aragonite helps to keep you grounded. It also assists in stress relief, helping you to release issues you’re dealing with. Whether they be from the past or present this stone can help you to rest easy as those worries disappear. When meditating, this stone allows for better communication with higher planes. It helps ground you spiritually. The vibration in this stone helps with spiritual purification. White Aragonite aids in calmness and bliss. Filling you with light energy to connect with your higher self. It also helps to provide strength and support related to anger and stress. And additionally, it emanates love, forgiveness, and compassion. When nature fused these stones together she created one bad bitch. Powerful yet peaceful. Bold yet bashful. Tough yet tender. Working together with Caribbean Blue Calcite can help to bring various kinds of magic into your life.

Helps with bone and joint pain. Use this palm stone to massage in your pain salves or oils to help ease the pain. Wash your palm stone after use. 

Reduce fears, worries, and anger

All of our crystals are cleansed and blessed with positive vibes to rid negative energy 🌛🌞🌜