Buddha Backflow Incense Burner

Take 5 minutes to relax and unwind every day with our lil Buddha incense burner. Watch the smoke slowly flow along like a relaxing, winding river to ease your stress. 

Handcrafted and Hand painted by skillful artisans, these little meditating zen buddah backflow incense burners will surely elevate any room, spa, or office.

Paired with our 7 Chakra incense cones, these burners produce a mesmerizing effect of smoke flowing backwards down the waterfall.

8.2 cm x 12.4 cm or 3.2 in x 4.9 in

Ceramic, fragile. Uses cone incense. Keep away from children.

Light the cone from the top and make sure that you place it over the hole on the burner. Smoke will slowly start flowing out. 

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