Bubble Rubble Fizzing Bath Rocks

Take Bath πŸ›€ Time to another level!!

Our fizzing bubble bath rocks make suds like a bubble bath while they soften your skin and change the tub water fun colors. Organic coloring will not stain tubs.

Mermaid Glow is a Fruity Explosion scented: a fun surprise scent that is sweet and fruity, and always ever changing.

Fruit Loops is perfect for kids, it smells exactly like fruit loops!

Stress Free is lavender and frankincense blended together to offer the best in stress reduction aromatherapy.

Sandalwood Bourbon is a sensual, woodsy blend of amber-moss and spice with a hint of vanilla.

Bombshell is bright citrus, crisp apples, fresh berries, fresh-cut exotic flowers, afternoon sun, confidence, and Glamour. Smells like perfume sold by a popular lingerie company.