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Black Obsidian Tree of Life Chakra Bracelet

Discover the invigorating energy of nature and the protective power of black obsidian with this stunning Tree of Life Chakra Bracelet. Embellished with a beautiful tree representing fresh starts, good health, positive energy and a bright future, plus seven natural stones representing each chakra, each one chosen carefully for its unique and vibrational properties.

Made from durable black obsidian stone, this powerful bracelet unlocks the flow of positive vibes and encourages harmony and balance throughout your body. Meaning that every second you wear this crystal bracelet, it’s working to shield your aura from negative energy while allowing you to embrace your inner lights. Not only is it stylish but this beautiful accessory also makes a calming presence on your wrist, or wherever else you choose to wear it!

Healing crystals are known for bestowing us with healing benefits like increased productivity and creativity in our minds as well as improved physical strength and vitality when we need it most. Our Black Obsidian Tree Of Life Chakra Bracelet not only looks unmissable but provides instant energy healing no matter what your day brings.