All-Natural Wooden Beard Brush & Beard Comb

Our beard comb and beard brush can help bring your facial hair up to par. Our Grooming HUT beard comb and brush will enable you to style your beard the way you desire. Handmade with beech wood, our beard comb and beard brush are made to last.

Train your facial hair to grow in a certain direction -Distribute beard oil evenly throughout your beard -Anti-static which helps with loose hairs -Prevent ingrown hairs from growing -Remove dead skin cells, dandruff, and loose hairs The best approach is to choose a quality comb or brush that has been explicitly designed for beards. And nothing can beat a wood comb for your beard. Compared to either plastic or metal, a wooden comb gives a smoother finish as it effortlessly and more effectively glides through your beard.

Made inUnited States of America