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Natural Blue Aventurine Lotus Mala Beads

Stimulate your inner Goddess

Blue Aventurineis excellent for stimulating open communication and higher spiritual guidance and is particularly effective on the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. 

By stimulating the Third Eye and removing previous blockages, it opens one's ability to attain higher spiritual connections.

Through stimulation of the Throat Chakra, Blue Aventurine encourages open and honest communication. It allows you to speak your mind clearly. 

Blue Aventurine encourages adventure at any age and is a stone of travel, helping to make desired travel plans happen and for protection against travel interruption.

This stone embodies spiritual strength, while encouraging inner peace through communication. 

This gorgeous stone combines the elements of Wind and Water that resonates from the mind to the heart, working calmly, rationally, and steadily. It enhances the masculine energy in both males and females. It promotes self-discipline and inner strength, assisting you in making clear decisions and sticking by them.

This mala can be worn as a necklace or wrap it around your wrist multiple times to wear as a bracelet and is embellished with a bronze Lotus Flower pendant 

    • Elastic
    • Natural8mm stones
    • Length: approximately 37 inches (95 cm)
    • The Lotus Flower pendant is a symbol of the realization of being 
    • Materials: Semi-precious stones, Blue Aventurine
    • Metals: Zinc alloy and Bronze.