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Morning Glamour Shower Caps

Keep your Hair fresh while you shower and sleep!

Beauty sleep is a real thing—and it’s time to ensure you’re getting yours. Swapping out your cotton pillowcase for a satin one is an easy (and effective) step. The reason? Since the head glides more easily on satin, the fabric is gentler on the hair, scalp and skin, according to Kristen Lantz, owner of Morning Glamour. “This helps to reduce sleep-wrinkles and hair frizz, while also maintaining skin and hair moisture," she tells InStyle. Shop a few of our favorite satin pillowcases below for a better night's sleep and morning glow. 

Depending on hair length, place your hair in a bun and inside the shower cap to maintain that fabulous glam hairstyle even after your shower.

*Stylish lace trim design with bow detail

*Keeps your hair dry and frizz free during your shower

*Perfect to wear to bed if you have extensions or want to keep your hairstyle fresh for morning

*Made with 100%polyester satin exterior and waterproof Vinyl lining

*Hand wash, line dry

*Allow to air dry after each use. 

Shower Caps