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Invincible Magic Book of Spells: Ancient Spells, Charms and Divination Rituals for Kids in Magic Training

Invincible Magic Book of Spells: Ancient Spells, Charms and Divination Rituals for Kids in Magic Training

Practical everyday magic spells for the young fans of Harry Potter, Descendants, Sofia the First, and other books and films of the magic fantasy genre.

These spells use only safe everyday objects and substances you have at home or outside (like milk, sugar, salt, mirror, a ring, a ribbon, tree leaves, rocks, etc.); absolutely no use of fire, or anything gross, or any ingredients or items you may not have in your kitchen at the moment (like rosewater, or sage, or a crystal ball).

These spells are not based on any witchcraft, New Age, or esoteric religion, lore or rituals. This is fantasy-fiction-style educational activity material for kids ages 7-12 that helps them develop imagination and engage in fantasy play which is vital for their intellectual and emotional development. The book also introduces to them a few facts of math, sciences, and history, helps develop their interest in reading, and grow their reading fluency with an easy, 1st-2nd grade core vocabulary.

If a kid in your life runs around waving a magic wand, talks about "dark chronicles," "immortal secrets, " dragons and hidden chambers filled with ancient manuscripts... If your kid recites Harry Potter spells in pseudo-Latin, and mixes magic potions in your kitchen sink...Your kid is ready for magic training. Buy this spell book for that child without delay! Your young magician will stop wasting your dish detergent, and start using actual classical Latin to punctuate his/her powerful spells.

 By the way, is this kid resistant to reading? Well, resistance is futile when you are dealing with a real ancient hands-on practical spell book, where you read a couple sentences, then do what you’ve just read about, then read again, and do again, read-do, read-do.... 

In addition to its easy vocabulary, the book is beautifully illustrated to increase your kid’s reading enthusiasm.

Just like the ancients who made most of the great discoveries in math, the sciences, and arts in pursuit of magic, your child will play with the ideas of intelligence in nature, and the great unknown beyond, and develop curiosity about the world.

Upon working with this 30-page book, your student of magic arts will know a fact or two about sciences and history, will be able to recite the Pythagorean Theorem and the Fibonacci Sequence (no kidding), and will answer many questions you’ve always had, like: 

How to find the North star?

Why does your breath fog up the mirror?

Who introduced Arabic numerals to replace Roman Numerals in Medieval Europe?

What kind of writing system did Ancient Egyptians have?

What are fractals?

Who spoke Latin (besides Harry Potter at Hogwarts)?

What is divination?

How numerologists predict the future?

Who was Pythagoras?

When were the Middle Ages?

What is an Ankh?

What are the phases of the Moon?

What are the directions of the wind in your area?

Why do oil and water never mix?

...And more!


Currently residing in New York City, I've spent my life doing magic and taming dragons at home and at work. With an M.A, in Linguistics and years spent perusing Gothic manuscripts in underground library cells at universities on both sides of the Atlantic, I have a decent command of classical Latin and Greek, with a few European languages thrown in.

 But the most important thing about me is that I am the mother of a magic-obssessed 6-year old. My son hates reading, but he will read if the book contains the secret magical lore not available on Disney Channel, or in his Catholic school curriculum. I started writing this book for him during summer vacation, to help him get fluent in reading, so that one day he may understand that the only magic in the world that opens all doors is...knowledge.

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