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Chrysalis Tarot

Say hello to the Chrysalis Tarot, the tarot deck of your dreams! This vibrant and expansive tarot deck helps you unlock your true potential and illuminates the path to your personal destiny. With its enchanting illustrations, you’ll embark on a one-of-a-kind spiritual quest to connect with your innermost thoughts and feelings. Recognized as the Best Tarot Deck of 2015 by COVR and Tarot Professionals Worldwide, Chrysalis Tarot would make an excellent addition to any tarot card enthusiast's collection.

From deep in a distant magical realm come 78 exquisitely drawn Otherworld characters and mythological archetypes that will take you to places beyond what meets the eye. You'll soon discover that each illustration is exquisitely crafted with mindfully chosen details that beckon reflection and connection with unseen layers of consciousness. With help from our beloved “medieval messengers” featured in court cards, they will inspire you in fulfilling your deepest aspirations and exploring much more than what can be seen on the surface. The four suits are Stones (Pentacles), Mirrors (Cups), Spirals (Wands), and Scrolls (Swords). Each card goes far beyond many other tarot decks you may have used before: these vivid images reflect back at light at every situation, giving voice to our deepest messages.

With Chrysalis Tarot acting as your very own divine guidance system - get ready for an amazing journey! Included with this beautiful set are instructions on how best leverage its remarkable power clear out obstacles blocking growth - plus a personalized 60 page instruction booklet so you can learn all about what's in store for you in the magical world of Chrysalis Tarot!

Holly Sierra has been drawn to all things mystical and magical since her childhood. Her vibrant paintings allow us a glimpse into an enchanted world filled with goddesses and mythological creatures. Holly’s infatuation with Tarot began when she was a teen and discovered an antique deck amongst her parents’ possessions. The Chrysalis Tarot deck is dedicated to both her beloved parents. After pursuing a fine arts education, Holly lived and traveled extensively in Asia. Multicultural themes influence her artwork, which has appeared in children’s books, magazines and greeting cards. Holly makes her home amidst the picturesque, green mountains of Stowe, Vermont.

After retiring from broadcasting twenty years ago, Toney traveled the world researching spirituality. He studied, both formally and informally, a number of metaphysical subjects including comparative mythology, philosophy of history, and an obscure area of theology known as Mariology. He holds a PhD in Metaphysics and a certification in Spiritual Counseling.