Freedom Natural Luxury Deodorant Stick

An All Natural Deodorant Safe Enough to Eat!

What Makes Freedom Deodorant The #1 Luxury Natural Deodorant?


Organic Coconut Oil

It's naturally antibacterial and antifungal, coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturizer, it can penetrate hair better than other oils.

Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

The concentration of natural vitamins and fatty acids in shea butter makes it incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin. 

Coconut Oil

Natural Beeswax

            Beeswax improves the elasticity, softness, and suppleness of your skin, it is absorbed by your skin and will not clog your pores.

Coconut Oil

Baking Soda

Aluminum free, it is a good exfoliating agent that helps remove dead cells. In addition, it balances pH level of the skin, which is very important to maintain an even clear skin.

Coconut Oil


Kaolin Clay

Purifies Pores and Detoxes Skin. Since it has detoxifying effects, kaolin clay pull out impurities such as grime, dirt, pollution, and germs from the pores. This cleanses out the pores and prevents them from clogging up and causing breakouts. 

Coconut Oil 

Tapioca Starch

It stabilizes the ingredients to deliver a smooth, silky after-feel to the skin while eliminating the unpleasant, greasy feel of oils. 

Coconut Oil

Blend of Essential Oils

A proprietary blend of essential oils that creates a unique scent for each of our natural products.

Coconut Oil

Product Description:

This is an Aluminum free, Paraben free and Phthalate free product made only with natural ingredients that you could eat...but don't. They work better than they taste. The sticks have smooth sides to provide a gentle application on the skin.

Available in four scents: 


A bouquet of cypress, coriander, lavender, coconuts and lemons. It’s like walking in a luxury spa.


An invigorating blend of sandalwood, coriander, peppermint and citrus. Subtle, yet inviting.


A gorgeous mix of frankincense, lemon, apricot, and peachy goodness.


Great for sensitive skin and first-time users switching to natural deodorants. 

What People Are Saying About Freedom


Effective Protection
Lasts 24 hours Without Re-applying


All Natural Ingredients
Aluminum free, Paraben free and Phthalate free. 

AccountCruelty Free
Never Tested on Any Animals
Gluten Free
Perfect for gluten sensitivity

Freedom was originally created for women with breast cancer

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