On the Go Car Diffuser

Now you can take your favorite #theprettyhotmess Essential Oil Blend on the go!! Going on a road trip with the little ones? Diffuse Calm Yo Ass Down and keep a peaceful car 🚗ride. Hubby gets road rage? No problem, diffuse Calm the Beast!! Work the night shift? Diffuse Wake yo ass up & Hocus Focus on the ride home to keep you awake 
About the product
  • Experience the healing properties of essential oils while on the road, Helps to eliminate smoke, mold or other offensive odors in your car
  • Add 2-3 drops of your favorite oil onto pad and insert into diffuser
  • Fits securely into any standard cigarette lighter, Indicator light tells you unit is on
  • Reusable pads, Replace pad when it begins to discolor
  • Easy to use, Includes 5 refill pads