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Full Moon Water



Full Moon Water

I’ve been waiting a year to make this special full moon water!!!

This blessed water 💦 was made under the full harvest moon, Friday September 13, 2019. The water will sit out under the moon for 24 full hours until it’s charged. I made this special water with purple and pink angel wings (flowers), fairy dust (glitter), natural amethyst, black tourmaline, Sage, Rose Quartz, cinnamon stick, black salt, purple minerals, Saratoga mineral water right from the springs, and lavender.

When the water is finished you can use this forever to cleanse stones, spell work, cleansing, banishing negative energy, or whatever else you want. Please don’t ingest. Every time there’s a new full moon, sit it out under the moonlight and let it charge. I will include the date on the label when I’m finished blessing it.

Blessed Be friends, I hope you have a majickal night.

Available in an 8oz. jar with large piece of Rose Quartz or 12 oz. Old Fashioned Handle Bottle. 

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